by waxnwings

2+2: not a question posed, but rhetorical by nature.
2+2 assumes, is layman; it is the unsaid.
2+2 is law, a rule; a ‘fact’.
2+2 was created, instigated, implemented:
From 2+2, unwavering structures are built.

2+2 is the norm, the natural, the Transcendental Signifier;
2+2 is fascist – it allows no other.
2+2 is control and meaning juxtaposed to anarchy and nihilism.
2+2 discriminates as an unconquerable rationale:
Before 2+2 there was only the earth, skies, the oceans.

2+2 is a political foundation.
2+2 has no force – it is enforced.
2+2 the Religion
2+2 the Doctrine, the Dogma.
With 2+2 we created question, became key-makers to doors yet imagined.

2+2 is the answer to an experience we cannot define –
2+2 is our definition.
2+2; the keystone we can never remove

for it would undo our entire Ontology.

2+2 is insatiable Desire.
2+2 is beautiful because it cannot be challenged,
It cannot be tested – it is Given.
It is man’s greatest achievement which simultaneously conceals and reveals that

Beyond 2+2,

Beyond God,

There are only bodies
the organic
the senses.

2+2 has given us the stars,
but lest we forget:

2+2 is a pleasant Fiction.