by waxnwings

Love the feel of a crisp £5 note.

Hate the cracks in boiled eggs freshly into the saucepan
Love the first blaring note of the Star Wars title theme

Love thick fog (now also fogwalks)
Love Dragon’s breath
Hate opening iced-over freezer drawers

Hate pen smudges from my left hand
Hate being thirsty
Love consecutive sneezes
Love fingerless gloves

Love blowing the powder out of the scales tub I use each morning to weigh my oats
Love perfectly cooked chicken breasts
Hate overcooked/burnt chicken breasts
The smell of whey and the taste of pure glutamine
Love Riddles in the Dark

Love sleeping in the same t-shirt I wore in the day
Tracksuit bottoms in the gym then spending the rest of the day and night in them
Thick callouses dry with chalk
Love old, broken disposable pens held together with selotape
Hate the pretentiousness of trying not to be pretentious
Hate not knowing whether I am being pretentious

Love starting a debate
Hate not being able to explain myself properly and/or losing track of thoughts
Both love and hate food stuck in my wisdom teeth
Hate that my wisdom teeth didn’t bring me any wisdom
Hate regurgitating other people’s words
Love regurgitating half-heaten food
Love phones with buttons

Love finding places which I have been to before, but had never known how to get there
Love throwing decomposable food out of car windows in the countryside
Love manual texting at super speed
Love keeping notes
Love pulling up my sleeves
Love deleting old notes

Hate OCD
Love cleaning
Hate babies on Facebook
Love hard, rough towels
Hate distorted speakers/bad EQ settings

Hate not being awesome at something awesome
Love brushing my teeth outside
Love carving whole chickens
Love a bargain

Hate performing
Hate cringing at other people’s performances
Love a successful performance

Love nostalgia
Hate nostalgia

Hate hands so cold you can’t write (or text) properly
Love Cornish cheese

Hate seagulls

A consciousness formulated on binary opposites does not develop within language as a critical part of its mechanics and application; ours is not simply an ontology prescribed in acceding to language and therefore the totality of existence itself.

‘Existence’ does not only occur in our perception of the tangible world; there is also the realm of the material which occupies a space arbitrary to the conditions of existence in and of language.

In this space we are ‘corpo-real’.

It is here than an animal utilizes language.

And it does not shake the premise of existence in the corporeal sense; the unending struggle with only one single given.

The two constants of existence: life and death, yin and yang. It is under these circumstances on which consciousness formulates and thus its locus will always belong to the material realm. Here, only corporeality ‘Is’.