Live for What You’d Die For

by waxnwings


“I could not remember the last time I had tasted bacon and eggs and I was ravenous. Just as I was about to take a delicious forkful of egg, Major Marais said, ‘No, Mandela, that is against the orders of your physician,’ and he reached over to take the tray. I held it tightly, and said, ‘Major, I am sorry. If this breakfast will kill me, then today I am prepared to die.'”

~ Nelson Mandela

Though having fought a selfless, lifelong struggle toward the dream of true freedom for all peoples of his Nation, Mandela never forgot that it is the smallest comforts by which the extent of a man’s liberation is truly measured.

After 58 days in Pretoria Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital, Nelson Madela’s condition is still being described as ‘stable, but critical’.

Get well soon, Madiba. I’m sure there are bacon and eggs waiting for you.

“Amandla ngawethu!”