Agree to Disagree

by waxnwings

“The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken”

~ Bob Dylan

Sun's not yellow

I couldn’t say I’m a die-hard fan, but I do enjoy a bit of Dylan. Every time I hear these lyrics from Tombstone Blues I’m drawn to inspect that flaming gas ball (squinting from behind prescription Wayfarer Ray Ban’s bought cheaply from a Philippino shopping mall) in an attempt to discern whether the sun is indeed the colour of that popular poultry species.

I also bought a pair of Levi’s glasses which bore a logo design resembling the frontal face of a tie-fighter. I recently lost them after sleeping rough due to missing the return coach after a work’s do as a result of over-intoxication..

Whilst, in context, the lyrics play on the metaphor’s ‘yellow’ and ‘chicken’ as pertaining to cowardice, I find it’s Dylan’s ‘out-and-out’ zoomorphic ambiguity that’s most arresting: the sun… is chicken. Every individual sees and interprets their world experience differently, with cultural, religious, familial and innumerable other institutional lenses also defining our micro and meta-narratives. And it is precisely because these are narratives that they are not only essentially fictions, but malleable fictions.

I have heard the first step on the road to philosophical wisdom described as an ability to understand one’s own position of and within the world entirely contingent; we must acknowledge the constructivity of our consciousness and reflexively analyse them accordingly in order to understand better the nature of our innate prejudices. There is no singular way to understand the world and so there can be no ‘correct’ method to interpret and experience existence as a conscious, social being.

I would personally like to think of the sun as a big ol’ fat yolk, rather than a fully-evolved chicken. But I like eggs, and that’s just me.

So let’s just all agree…

to disagree.