Sonny Jim, it ain’t all Normal…

by waxnwings

“I’ve often thought there ought to be a manual to hand to little kids, telling them what kind of planet they’re on, why they don’t fall off it, how much time they’ve probably got here, how to avoid poison ivy, and so on…

Hey, sonny Jim, just a lil’
sunshine, some
seeds for your cabbage patch,
competition for those
classic cress pots. Lots of pots,
lots of pots.

They nice, but they ain’t all flowers,
sonny Jim,
ain’t all fruit and flavour and
good behaviour,
got you some
weeeeeeds a growing there sonny! It ain’t
all normal. Heck no normal!

Better keep em trimmin’ afor they come up
being blind you ain’t ask
Get them fingers green sonny! Get ’em green.

It ain’t all normal, sonny Jim Jim,
you got a couple
words learnt, a couple
songs sung,
but there ain’t just one, baby,
oh no, there ain’t just the one –

It’s a big ol’ garden out here, not just
a crummy pot of cress,
lots of fruit for
lots of flowers for
lots of songs for
lots of life for learnin’!

So what you been learnin’, sonny Jim?

Your mumma done put your lunch in a box again,
unzipping that ol’
backpack with the blue choochoo! got you singin’ the
bibiddy boop bap boo-boo-boo!
Those light-up shoes were a present to you,
Me to you on that day when you got born,
born like you were the only one, but
That ain’t normal.
Just ain’t normal, son.

Let me learn ya…
Some do it different,
cuz you different, sonny Jim boy son,
got you looking with them different
different tongues speakin’ and a
singin’ and
different shoes be
with those lights flashing like cars runnin’ scared in the dark.

You ain’t all normal, my sonny Jim Jim.
Because there’s lots of sonny Jim Jim Jim’s.
Lots of ways to be be be
Lots of different songs to sing sing sing
Faces to see see see –

You ain’t normal.
Cuz there ain’t no no normal, my little
beloved love,
Rub a dub dub and a bibiddy boop bap boo-boo-boo!!
Learn from your stupid Uncle,
Jimmy son,
and remember that

this really ain’t all that normal.

…A first grader should understand that his or her culture isn’t a rational invention; that there are thousands of other cultures and they all work pretty well; that all cultures function on faith rather than truth; that there are lots of alternatives to our own society. Cultural relativity is defensible and attractive. It’s also a source of hope. It means we don’t have to continue this way if we don’t like it.”

~ Kurt Vonnegut