I think it just happened…again…

by waxnwings

“What’s our problem? We just can’t smell the bullshit, man. Not until it’s too late and festering in a regurgitated pile on the floor, anyway. At which point we’re more than happy to grimace and say, ‘man, wasn’t that a load of old bullshit! You really ate that?!’

Clean it up as best we can.
It remains a stain.
But no learning.

No one ever looks for the bullshit.

Mostly because people tend to think they’re too good to play around with shit.
But we’re happy to

We can’t admit we’re swimming in it, got castles made of it. We never learn.
Just think it’s all roses and chamomile.
Does that make us bad people?
Na, man.

It’s not our fault.
It’s what we are.
We rely on it.

Just don’t be ashamed to admit it.

And next time, you could try and think twice before swallowing.”

~ Heroin addict on the streets of West Berlin, 1988