Ventricular Glug

by waxnwings

I listened to this three times this morning.

Firstly it roused me as my laptop alarm. I then reloaded it back onto my moop3 player having realised I deleted the album but wanted to keep the single track.

I’m now in danger of drowning single tracks in an ongoing attempt to condense my favourite albums into 16gigs of day-to-day music.

Secondly on the bus to work after which I woke up with dribble down my face in front of a load of college kids. Ghetto.

Thirdly walking from the bus stop to my workplace in order to justify keeping my headphones on and not having to speak to anyone in the office.

It’s before 9am. I’m not required to feign socialising before 9am.

I love the video. It encourages interpretation from a single situation and a few glances. It requires you to create the narrative for yourself if you want anything from it. It’s not emotional in the sense of ‘oh ma god i’m so fackin sad’ but evokes emotion. It plays with the unsaid so whilst you think you are actually reading a narrative, it turns out you are actually constructing it through personal experiences, filling in the gaps.

As such it isn’t demanding or pretentious, as is often so inclined with this theme. That it’s visually and lyrically metropolitan, it makes its okay to indulge in the old ventricular glug.

I lied. It’s four times now. I just watched the video. Office hours are too short to be doing work all the time.

Now compassion I don’t lack
Just heart filled with runner beans
And feet like in running shoes
And yes it was just you and me
Just fly …