Road Dressing

by waxnwings

It’s a rural country town
finely worn country roads ~

First buses boulder through at irregular
times, clumsy Sherman tanks
rolling along
small country lanes, and
lines of cars parked outside of
small country cottages ~

perfectly fine roads
~ finely worn
on which to skate to work
in the morning, before 6am.

Seven thousand acres with six
country pubs for five
thousand people
~ country people
catching buses and parking cars outside of
country cottages. Getting drunk in
six country pubs in
The Square: The Five Points

~ and a handful of skaters
skating to work on perfectly fine
finely worn country roads.
In the morning, before 6am.

un deux tre

But ‘Road Dressing’ starts on Thursday.
Road Dressing.

Dressing a road.

Pouring coarsely ground gravel over
Perfectly flat
~ perfectly fine
country roads to make them grey
and rugged. Again.

Large buses (clumsy Sherman tanks) resume routes,
cars return to parked lines outside of country cottages,
six country pubs re-fill with five thousand country people.

But now the skating must wait
~ at least ten years
For finely worn roads
~ perfectly fine
to skate to work in the morning
before 6am.

Because walking is for everyone.
And these are not your Country Roads.

Photo courtesy A P Jenkin: