At Least Once a Month…

by waxnwings

Mutabaruka ~ ‘Dis Poem’

I first watched this video about six years ago in first year of Uni, my first introduction to dub poetry. I have never performed anything I have written aloud or in front of anyone. I have a good friend who recently did perform some of his poetry, and in describing his experience afterwards claimed that he couldn’t actually quite pin down why he felt the need to do it. But it was obviously a great experience.

Jean Baudrillard, a popular dead French post-modernist philosopher (is there any other kind) alluded to the idea that  we do things not necessarily to do them as much to have done them. That was in Cool Memories: IV, if it interests you at all.

He said some other stuff as well.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the video. I haven’t really got anything critical or constructive to say about it. Other than I find myself watching it again at least once a month.

I like it.