Dog shit.

by waxnwings

They still haven’t figured it out yet.

Still lost.

You know the easiest way to ‘find yourself’? Stop looking.

If there weren’t so many questions you wouldn’t need answers, right? So brought to its ultimately irreducible form, the only question which remains is a philosophical one: why do we ask so many questions. Especially as any answer we provide can never be an autonomous, organic answer. No such thing exists. There is no arbitrary “Answer” to be found. Things can only be discovered through pre-existing frameworks. 4+4 is only 8 because 2+2 is 4. It’s a beautiful system, but it’s not truth. Not ‘Truth’ in the way that we hold it as a transcendental phenomenon anyway. It’s a metaphysical ‘Truth’ which is absolutely fine. There’s no shame in that. Metaphysics isn’t a dirty word anymore. We should be cynical enough by now to accept that we speak the Word of God ourselves.

God is listening.

Any answer we provide negates itself because it comes from our very own mouths. It’s an oxymoron, but it’s also an oxymoron we should consciously acknowledge. Not only acknowledge, but celebrate! It’s completely admirable. Because if we just refuse to acknowledge that we have created such an incredible, often incomprehensible phenomenon of collective consciousness developed to a point at it seems almost external and self-functioning, then the endeavour is ultimately ‘cute’.

dog shitI mean, if I were the unknowable force of cosmic existence I’d think it was pretty damned cute. Like a dog trying to chase its own tail, apart from they’ve been docked so it’s just a phantom tail. They just refuse to acknowledge that. They just run around in circles genuinely trying to bite a tail that isn’t there. The dog could just admit that it enjoys running around in circles, but it doesn’t. Maybe it’s too proud.

What happens from this point is pretty sad. It escalates pretty quickly.

The dog starts eating its own shit. Then it pukes it up and tries to eat it again. But then another dog comes along and tries to sniff out some of that regurgitated faeces so the first dog bites off the other dog’s face. So now there’s one dog running around with no face, pissing blood out of what used to be eye sockets and yelping like a bitch. The other dog now has a blood lust and shit all over its face. With a lack of basic hygiene, infection ensues. A virus. death.

Let’s stop talking shit and take time to figure out what and why we are trying to figure out. Maybe there would be less dogs eating shit. Less blood lusts. Less viruses and death.

And more dogs with a face.