Wille zum Lebens

by waxnwings

As soon as we objectively consider, i.e. contemplate the things of the world, then for the moment subjectivity and thus the source of all misery has vanished. We are free and the consciousness of the material world of the senses stands before us as something strange and foreign which no longer wears us down.

~ Schopenhauer, Manuscript Remains, Vol. 1

Stripped of its colourful surface and gloss,
The glitz and scum and smiling faces,
as subject (that miserable source)
is scraped aside.

And beneath that sum of social equation,
an impossible algebra of duped desire,
the slate of apperception
paves the mire.

A subject which does not subject,
Nor object in space and time,
The palette on which colours
shade and mix:

It experiences, but cannot be experienced;
Recognises all; cannot be recognised,
Hears all; cannot be heard,
Sees all; cannot be seen.

And yet beneath this brazen slate,
The palette of colour and shade,
The art is manifest
as Will engaged…

All else is mere phenomenon,
The silent song of Will to Life,
The essence of reason and force
in part and whole,

Beneath the schizophrenia,
the simulation, duped desire,
not desert of the real
but Will in bloom.

A mouth can speak and eyes can see,
the stroke of skin and subtle notes.

Stripped of its colourful surface and gloss,
no belief nor emotion, love nor might,
but a being as body and experience
expressed by will to life.

The act of will and the action of the body are not two different states objectively known, connected by the bond of causality; they do not stand in the relation of cause and effect, but are one and the same thing.

~ Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, Vol 1.



Wille zum Lebens; Praha 3