Hell again

by waxnwings

I slept for a while and now I’m having trouble discerning between memories and dreams. Thoughts are becoming more lucid and I’m making more of an effort to breath underwater. It’s one of my tells. If I don’t drown I’m still asleep. If I do…

But recently he gave he some strange advice. He said:

“Running from the crowd is the worst thing to do. If you’re lucky, you’ll trip and they’ll cut you up quickly. If you’re unlucky they’ll feed you to a shark then cut up the shark. So it all depends on your preference for sharks, really.

“Ten days. Or at least that’s how many times the sun rose and set. But then I guess you also had at least one beat up eye and thirst like a dried up worm. They got you good, sonny. Got you for a right mug didn’t they. Already thinking what you’re gonna do. Well you should be. Cut you up good, sonny. Made you look the real fool…

So here we are again at the edge of gibberish. This is a diary now, not a collection of wax figures. The narcissism is drifting and hopefully toward some freedom. Let the fingers tappy tap, tap tap tapperoo..