The Knowledge

by waxnwings

How can the desire for knowledge be humble? Knowledge is a narcissistic and empty endeavour. Us normal people only want to know things so we can talk about them or use them as capital. The purpose of acquiring knowledge is to admire an objective self filled with knowledge. Facts are narcissism. Fiction is narcissism. Writing is narcissism.

Better to concentrate on honing intellect. A keen intellect can undermine those both knowledgeable and lacking, but on their own terms. A keen intellect can communicate. A keen intellect is a protective mirror from our own shortcomings. Be wary of those who desire knowledge. Be wary more of those who claim to have found it.


I typed in the keywords “knowledge narcissism” in Google images and I liked this image the most. It’s called Narcissus by someone called Caravaggio. I’m guessing the painter is a man. It was completed in 1599.