Again and again.

by waxnwings

In their pursuit of inter-tribal harmony they followed their own footprints in the ashes of their possible presents, pasts, and futures.

They formed beliefs and called them Truth, warred against the falsity of others and washed a shameful past with fictions to be worn again. Dressed in the threads of an omnipresent moral fibre they could not feel how banal and opaque its fabric had become. Instead they called it History, lost and learnt, yet it did not afford them the foresight that it should have. They continued their search for Utopia in the illusion of an ubiquitous moral code, believing in an inevitable procession of prosperous meiosis from which the cells of peace would simply multiply.

But in reality, their desire paths would reach only so far as a dystopic homogeneity turned horror by power hungry despots.

~ Kollwitz, Never Again War! (1924)