These chapters are inspired by travels I began with three friends on November 18th, 2011. Scribbling into an A6, hardback notepad, I had no intention to write anything of practical use, nor to diary my day-to-day. My only desire was to utilise my new environments and experiences as stimulus for reflective writing. What seems to have evolved is an anecdotal chronology, somewhat reflexive, more often digressive. They are of no use to anybody, not least their writer.

 1 – Lost in Wandsworth

 2 – To Get to Anywhere…

 3 –  Scumbag, Don’t You Know?

4 – Settle for Half.

 5 – Introducing: The Life-Saving Flapjacks

6 – Five, Chicken Fillet Burgers, of No Particular Brand

7 – Creating a Better World, Once Couch At a Time”

8 – A Breakfast of Typicality 

9 – Pain in Ukraine

10 – Crinkle crinkle…

11 – Shenanigans with Excretion and Human Fluids