What the hell is poetry anyway?

(That’s a rhetorical question designed to hide that fact that I really don’t know what poetry is supposed to be and how to write it.) But sometimes I write stuff that isn’t prose and make it look like what actual poetry looks like. On the page. At first glance. Maybe ‘poetry’ should be a verb: ‘to’ poetry. Makes more sense to me.

Sometimes a word or two rhyme
or the same sound seeps into the next line,
(I like that best) or I use simple similes like
“the yolk was yellow like an old golden coin”
or suspicious metaphors which are tears in cloth
which do well to hide nothing (because you’re supposed to see).

So when this happens I centre-align the words and put it on this page.


Korea now. – September ’15
I didn’t write for a while. Now I live in Korea.

Wille zum Lebens ~ April ’14
Reading Schopenhauer

The Artists ~ February ’14
Sadness at seeing people sell their art for shit-all

Last Words ~ Jan ’14
A visceral piece expressing frustration at my own political inactivity. Because if I could change things with words alone, I would.

Super Perfundo, on the Early Eve of Your Day. ~ Dec ’13
I watched 
Waking Life again.

Lemonade Serenade (rev. 2) ~ Nov ’13
When you don’t know how to say what you want to say

01.09.13  07:55Oct ’13
Ramblings which should have never been caught on tape.

Road Dressing ~ Sept ’13
Once they put loads of gravel on the road so my ate couldn’t skate to the skatepark

Ventricular Glug (inspired) ~ Sept ’13
That feeling you get when you think about someone you shouldn’t be thinking about any more

Unnatural Nature ~ Sept ’13
Sitting in a park, everything seems eerily unnatural

Sonny Jim, it ain’t all Normal… ~ Aug ’13
‘Normal’ is a problematic word. We shouldn’t teach it to our kids.

‘The Seagull’ (Or, ‘A Sygull for the Blakeans’) ~ July ’13
A tongue-in-cheek re-hashing of Blake’s ‘Tyger Tyger’ expressing my fucking hatred for seaguls