Inward Mornings

In 1958, Henry Bugbee, Jr. published The Inward Morning: A Philosophical Exploration In Journal Form, a largely ignored work which blended traditional Eastern and Western thought in an exploration of personal and universal experience.

I came across this small gem in a tattered state, its spine spilling thread and leaves the colour of dried tea, in a second-hand bookshop whilst I was living in Newcastle, NSW. I enjoyed it immensely and would highly recommend it for a lyrically inspiring philosophical read.

So then, these are moments of dawn through Inward Morning’s; philosophical, critical and analytical in theme, aka everything pretentious, convoluted and contrived. They take the form of short essays, articles, and general literary junk:


Desire pt. 1June ’15
Considering desire and memories of playing with Scalectrix and pissing in Lego buckets.

‘Morals are not Beliefs. Beliefs are not Moral.’January ’15
We cannot assume that we are innately moral beings, nor that all our beliefs are moral. Morals take work to change, for the better or worse. Our charge it to be concious of them and also our own reasoning.

‘Experience 101: The Existence Conundrum’ March ’14
How do we conceptualise ‘existence’? A comic-esque commentary

‘CERN’Feb ’14
Meaningful relationships are like a high-speed car crash or hydrogen collision; a big bang in which new realities are created and substantiated by personal investment

‘Dog Shit.’ Jan ’14
In an endless search for tangible ‘meaning’, often the result is that we just shit on ourselves

‘Learn at least on thing, or your money back!’Dec ’13
More rambles concerning the (self-labelled) ‘existence conundrum’

‘Nothing More (the unsaid) ~ end Nov ’13
Labels such as ‘freedom’ can be dangerous. Such narratives can only exist in contrast to ‘non-freedom’. To eliminate the latter, the former must cease to exist.

‘Ticking Over’ ~ early Nov ’13
Michel De Montaigne on the value of life

‘Bodybuilding ~ Joachim Ladefoged ‘Mirror” ~ early Sept ’13
A short piece concerning bodybuilding and the displaced ‘I’. A dissertation also exists.

‘Grow’ ~ mid Sept ’13
Grow beyond meta-narrative constraints (or at least try)

‘I think it just happened…again…’ ~ end Aug ’13
There’s bullshit everywhere. Admit that you live it.

‘Agree to Disagree’ ~ mid Aug ’13
We’re ‘open-minded’ enough to admit that people have different world views but often we still think ‘ours’ is ‘normal’. ‘Normal’ is perhaps one of the most dangerous ideologies we live.


‘You know what really rinds my gears…’ ~ end June ’13
Early writing: Talk about God

‘Fundamentalist Atheists Exist. And They Believe in God’ ~ mid May ’13
Early writing: Talk about Atheistsm

‘”How To Tell People They Sound Racist'” ~ mid May ’13
Early writing: Talk about racism

‘Creation. Ism.’~ early May ’13
Early writing: The desire for creativity

‘Corpo-reality’ ~ end April ’13
Early writing: Love and hate – two constructed binaries (I don’t like this)

‘What is Written’  ~ 2011
Early writing: Struggling with conceptualising ‘I’ and settling for continued reflexive exploration

‘Our Bars of Freedom’  ~ 2010
Early writing about desire