Short Fiction

The Teknian2012 – present

Short chapters of creative/poetic fiction based on a story idea that’s going nowhere.

The Bedlam Diary July ’14 – present

A first-person psychological fiction Set in 19th Century England. A doctor begins to diary his psychological state after releasing himself from ‘Leavesden Asylum for Imbeciles’ after almost two years as a patient.


‘The Self Seers.’ Sept ’15
Short sci-fi-eqsue piece . A man speaks of having his desire ‘removed’.

The Tactician, pt 1.’ Oct ’14
The ‘Tacticians’ are agents of time hunted for their exceptional abilities.

‘Solitude’Sept ’14
Diary entry of a man turned recluse to explore the intricacies of self 

((The) Fabric (of) (fabricated)Fabrications.).). ~ June ’14
Playing with (brackets), the unsaid, and narrative authority. Some Borges influence

‘Dressing Room’ ~May ’14
Philosophical fiction concerning plurality of ‘self’

Back and forth. ~ April ’14
The same old walk home from the park

The Wordsmith ~ Nov ’13
Philosophical fiction considering words as inert symbols to be filled and invested

The Clown ~ Nov ’13
Philosophical fiction interrogating the nature of ‘happiness’

Immortal ~ Oct ’13
Descriptive scene of a ‘hard-ass’ country hick getting his throat cut

The General of Wu: The Battle of Boju ~ Oct ’13
I was reading 
The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Infinite ~ Oct ’13
A short monologue concerning personal sacrifice

I think it just happened…again… ~ Aug ’13
A fictional rant