I write.

Sometimes I write about first person stuff. Basically talking about myself. This should not be allowed because it’s horrendously narcissistic. So really this page should only be of interest to the voyeuristic pervert.


‘Back and Forth’ ~ April ’14
Concerning the same walk home 

..or, A Vision in a Dream ~ Feb ’14
Concerning a vivid dream I had and stuff about Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Underground ~Feb ’14
Self-reflexive exploration of Dostoevsky’s 
Notes From the Underground and Knut Hamsun’s Hunger

Giant Babies ~ Jan ’14
First post after moving to Prague. A new routine ensues…

8.08 (Asian-time) ~ Dec ’13
That time I had a job for 6 months that meant I had to leave my house at 8.08am every morning

Turn Up (The Music) ~ Dec ’13
Trying (and failing) to express my love of music in words

Loaves of paper leaves ~ Nov ’13
Some words on reading and ‘pop-literature’

My cat is dead. ~ Originally July ’13
That day I remembered my cat was dead 😦

Morning Blues, Before the Coffee, Before the Bass
 ~ Oct ’13
My Dad recommended me to listen to John Lee Hooker. I did.

To the 98.9% of the 99% : PAY ATTENTION!Oct ’13
A preacher’s ramblings advising people to pay attention to things I know nothing about.

To the 98.9% of the 99% : PAY ATTENTION! ~ Oct ’13
This is what happens when I try to be political

01.09.13 07:55 ~ Oct ’13
If you want to know what ‘tesla-cocks’ and ‘dog eggs’ are…

A Taste of Jam and the Lower-Leg (repub.)Sept ’13 (written earlier)
A comically written piece concerning the subject of my childhood and cannibalism.

Hippy stuff: ‘The Scream’ (1895), Baraka (1992) & Samsara (2011) ~ Sept ’13
A post kind of about art but also which doesn’t really have a point…

Hunger ~ Sept ’13
When I have inspirational problems, I always think of Knut Hamsun’s 
book Hunger

A mugging opportunity.July ’13
A comical piece. Because one time you could set a clock by me… much like Kant…